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Navsari, Gujarat
In 2000, the Navsari unit came into existence. It handles the minute detailing of small sized rounds and other fancy rose cuts. In the latest series of development plan of the company, this manufacturing unit caters to both local and international dealings that are done by the company. A group of nearly 150 people work here providing the key solutions to the rose cut and polkis required for the clients. This unit is well equipped with the latest infrastructure to provide the fancy diamond cuts. It continues to operate, as an asset to the company’s growing demands of diverse diamond needs.
Surat, Gujarat
In 2004, the company shifted it manufacturing base from Navsari to Surat as part of the expansion strategy. Idea was to get into certified diamonds. Diamond cutters with professional skill, better equipments, better facilities & hard work help us achieve this in mid 2006. Now this unit handles the range from 0.30 +cts with the most technological advanced systems for precision cutting. It is now the main complex where the rough stones are chiseled into their final cuts. The state of the art facility has a comprehensive structure handled by various skilled technicians. We are equipped with advance machineries like Helium Rough, M-Box, Helium Polish, Sarin’s Diamark Z etc. This unit of more than 300 capable personnel has been the nerve center of all activities of the company.
KM SHAH Factory
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