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If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want one hundred years of prosperity, grow people.
An old and valuable Chinese proverb
Since 1968 M/s Kirtilal M Shah firm has prospered into an extraordinary diamond hub for acquiring rough diamonds from major centers of the world like Antwerp, South Africa, Russia and Canada. The company sells polished products in global markets like Europe, Far-East Asia, U.A.E. & South Africa besides covering the domestic markets in India. It has evolved into a formidable diamond outsourcing Indian company with a global reach across continents. The company’s strength is its professional and precious human resources team that is engaged for various activities. As our 3rd generation steps in the market, the firm echoes its prosperity through its human resources.

The seed of the prosperity tree was sowed way back in 1968 in Palanpur, Gujarat. The family owned business was the vision of Mr. Jayantilal M Shah and Mr. Kantilal Vaniya. They nurtured the vision with a foundation stone in Palanpur, Gujarat. The first cut in the traditional diamond industry was eventually made with manufacturing facilities in Navsari and later in Surat.

Our headquarter is in Mumbai, the heart of the Indian diamond industry since 1973. Sourcing loose diamonds is our forte. The merchandise is bought from responsible miners and is checked at each stage by our professional team. They work with intuitive skills coupled with niche knowledge that is secure. It is our integrity that has been rock steady over the years. Our clients’ dazzle in the customized jewelry made with an inventory of certified diamonds. We believe in the mystery and magic of making dreams come true for our employees and customers worldwide. Our future is invested in a young and self-motivated team that works with passion.

Our 250 strong human resource team is a combination of talented and experienced professionals of this industry. The powerful international network functions with undisputed ability and rational factors while sourcing, buying, grading and making the cuts.
Step into our online diamond universe. Sparkle eternally.
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